Safety Tips for the Summer Months

Safety Tips for the Summer Months

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Building Specs Hawaii, LLC By: Katie Dougherty

The summer months have arrived to the Mainland! One of the benefits of living in Hawaii, No seasonal change! Hawaii is one of the luck states consumed by sun shine and warm weather all year round. Ten reminders for Hawaiians and tips for Mainlanders to stay cool & safe during this summer season:

1. Protect yourself with Sunscreen & Sun glasses.

The sun is the essential source of earth’s heat and supplier of UV rays. Sunscreen is a product that can absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to protect against sunburn. Before going outside make sure you protect your skin also seek shade; under umbrellas, trees, and buildings. Sun glasses are a useful tool to protect your eyes from UV radiation while outside, especially driving. If not protected properly the sun can cause serious damage to your body.

2.Check out your Decks/Patios/Porches to prevent accidents.

Living in Hawaii, we spend lots of time on our decks, patios, and/or porches not only during the summer months but all year round. Maintaining them should be a requirement there are thousands of reported injuries each year due to unsafe decks, patios, and porches.

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You can help prevent accidents by looking for loose and rotten boards, popping out nails, shaky steps, ect. If you see a problem that you can’t fix it is worth getting a professional.

3.Summer camping or back yard fire pits safety.

Camp fires and fire pits are the traditional fun late night activity during the summer season. To stay safe, you should always have some sort of fire extinguisher or hose handy when playing with fire. Make sure Keiki and pets are a good distance away at least 3 feet or more from any open flame for their protection. It is very useful to have bricks or flat stones lay out around the camp fire to show Keiki their boundaries lines. When buying a fire pit at a store lids are a good accessory they can keep the pit dry during the rain storm and keep Keiki from playing in the burned ashes. Always think smart when managing fires.

4.It is time for some BBQ this summer.

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We all know July is the core summer month to start up those grills, especially on the 4th of July! Safety is a must when handing these fire starters, on average 8,900 fires were caused by grills. Grill statistic from NFPA. To prevent grill fires, make sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from any structure or hanging branches. To keep Keiki and pets safe create a 3-foot safety zone, you can use chalk to create a circle around the grill. If you grill on decks you can place a nonflammable pad underneath the grill to protect your deck. Before you turn on the grill always check gas valves, hoses, and all connections for leaks and/or breaks, you may have to replace for safety. When starting the grill with a lighter or match stand back and light quickly. Never leave a grill unattended and never handle a grill under the influence of alcohol.

5.Watch out for Keiki when it comes to the Ocean & Pools.

Swimming, Surfing, Snorkeling, and much more water activities is a necessity when it comes to summer fun in Hawaii. Being from Hawaii safety is majorly important and sometimes neglected. You should always watch out for your Keiki when they are in the ocean. No matter how well they can swim the ocean’s current can still knock them down and carry them out to sea. Drowning is considered one of the top leading cause of accidental deaths for children. Pool safety is essence to protect Keiki, make sure your pool is protected with a 4 to 5 feet fence with self-closing and self-latching gates to help prevent Keiki’s wondering into your property and possibly drowning. When playing any type of water sport always make sure you are having fun but more importantly being safe.

6.The July Firework Tradition

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The holiday is coming! Fourth of July celebration is about to begin. Fireworks is this holiday’s tradition but use caution read the cautionary labels. Obey the local laws of your county when it comes to fireworks. Never let Keiki play with fireworks. Only a responsible adult should set off fireworks while wearing protective glasses. Always have a fire extinguisher close by just in case. When lighting fireworks light one at a time and back away quickly in an area away from structures and trees. Everyone has fun on the holidays but never set off fireworks while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

7.Lawn equipment are not meant to be played with.

Summer is here and your lawn will need some consideration. When using lawn equipment wear protective gloves, glasses, earplugs, and closed shoes to protect yourself from flying debris. Before operating any machinery read the owner’s manual and the safety information. Always check where your extension cords are while using your lawn equipment, you don’t want to run the cords over to damage the machine or yourself. Be on the lookout for any dead or falling tree branches if not attended to can possibly hurt someone. Ladder safety is a must when chopping down tree branches and cleaning out gutters. Have the ladder secured on a leveled ground or tied down to prevent movement.

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Always watch out for Keiki you don’t want them to get hurt playing with left out lawn equipment that may be plugged in. Always unplug your equipment and put it away in a safe place out of the reach of Keiki.

8.Dusting off your Air Conditioners and Fans for the summer season.

What is summer without air conditions and fans. Having a cool house can help you serve the burning hot summer days. Cleaning you cooling systems are a good way to start the summer. While cleaning, check for leaks and cracks you may need to get them checked out by a specialist for repairs. To prevent high electric bills there are a few tricks you can do. On breezier days open the windows to let the wind refresh your home with air circulation. When your house is empty in the middle of the day and at night raise the temperature a few degrees to save energy. Staying cool is a leisure but it doesn’t have to break the bank while being enjoy.

9.Hydrating is essence for our bodies.

Staying hydrated during the summer is very important especially when around 70 percent of our body mass contains water. Everyone is different when it comes to staying hydrated. It depends on the person’s activity level, sweat rate, environmental temperature, humidity, diet, ect. When you are feeling thirsty always get something to drink to stay hydrated. It doesn’t even have to be water; any sports drink, juice, tea, ect. contains some form of water or nutrient your body needs. Do not drink alcohol when dehydrated, alcohol will only dehydrate you more. You can find out if you are dehydrated by checking your urine, if it is pale yellow you are fine but if it is dark yellow your dehydrated.

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Eating fruit and vegetables can also supply you with various levels of water. When going on a hike you should pack some dried fruit and nuts to help you stay hydrated but you still have to drink plenty of water.

10.Traveling during the summer break.

Traveling is a perfect time for the summer months, Keiki are no longer in school and everything is alive and beautiful outside. Hawaii is the perfect place to travel there are so many activities to do. Consider having your motorized vehicle looked at by a professional so that you don’t get stranded on the side of the road somewhere if your vehicle breaks down. You should always have a first aid kit handy in case of emergency especially if you are hiking an unknown area. In these modern times, technology is very important make sure your phones are charged when you are traveling. Traveling with someone is ideal but if you are traveling alone always tell someone where you are going, you don’t want to be stuck in a ditch somewhere with no one knowing where to look for you.

Just because we live in Hawaii, we still have to protect ourselves from the same problems that will affect the Mainland during this summer season.